Sunday, February 13, 2011

8th Month Length Check.

These pic's were taken in January, about 8 months in. My hair has grown well and filled in nicely. It has come a long way from where it started.  I have some issues at the top and on the right side, but I've learned to camouflage well.  Overall, I love my locks. They have given me a new lease on life. Most, if not all of my sister locks have completely locked. I have been through a lot of ups and downs with my hair. At one point I almost took them out. At the crown of my head, I developed Scarred Alopecia before my locks where installed (from relaxing, braiding, etc.)so, I was not sure if the SL's would be a good fit for me. If you catch it early, you may still have a chance to keep your hair. Once I visited my Dermatologist for the third and final time, I made the decision to keep my locks. I was told by the doctor that there is no quick fix for this type of hair loss. The only thing that could be permanent is a hair transplant. This is when hair along with the top layer of your scalp/skin is removed from a good area of your head (usually the back or sides) and is placed in the balding areas. It can cost in the range of $3000 to $8000 dollars, and it is not guaranteed.  The doctor also made it very clear to me the if I decided to keep my locks, I would have to be very careful with pulling and tugging on them. They cannot be tight at all. When I get them re tightened, I don't get them tighten all the way to the scalp. This method is working for me now, we'll see what the future holds. ;)

Signs of Scarred Alopecia: They are not noticeable at first.

A large amount of shedding hair, more than usual. If you run your fingers through your hair and you see strands with follicles attached, do not ignore this, see a dermatologist immediately.

Soreness of the scalp, especially around the hairline. Even if you just rub.

Soreness red or tenderness when you get a new relaxer or braids.

Shiny or smooth surface.


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